Wet Hosing Refueling Services


Fleet-Lube is proud to offer our Full Service On-Site Wet Hosing service. Our team will come to your project site to refuel and complete a 10 hour PM service on each piece of equipment daily. This service puts your machine and operator ready to work at the beginning of each day to maximize your daily productivity. No wasted downtime.

Our 10 hour PM consist of:

  • Fuel and completely grease the machine.
  • Top-Off all oils and lubricants.
  • Walk around Safety inspection.
  • Adjust tack slack as needed.

With our advanced state of the art equipment, reporting and billing methods, your company can efficiently track its true bottom line fuel expenses and realize significant cost savings.


Additionally as a Certified DBE/WBE company we can qualify you  for 100% minority credits for the entire fuel expense of your project.