Love Field Modernization Project

SB Fleet-Lube was selected by MCM Corp for their Love Field Modernization Project to handle all of their refueling and preventive maintenance requirements for their large fleet of heavy equipment. Our team works within the strict FHA regulations regarding work on Airport property to supply MCM’s their daily fuel  requirements. every day well before sunrise our technicians have fueled and greased every piece of MCM’s equipment fleet that are used to execute the $90 million dollar apron replacement project. Prior to hiring Fleet-Lube MCM had struggled to keep their fleet fueled.  Having to call suppliers and then waiting all day for their fuel deliveries, delivery times in the middle of the work day that pulled equipment off task, occasional out of fuel situations that shut equipment down, and  critical time operators spent each morning to grease and service their equipment. Today when the operator arrives at his equipment is has been refueled, greased, and thoroughly serviced ready for the days work ahead.


Fleet-Lube’s Certified Technicians also perform all of MCM’s Preventive Maintenance (PM) services from simple 250 hour oil changes to complete 2000 hour full service PMs. We sample and laboratory test all the fluids for wear analysis to insure we keep MCM’s equipment fleet in top notch running condition.

***The Love Field Modernization Project requires more than 20% M/W/DBE participation. Fleet-Lube’s DBE/WBE Certification qualifies MCM for 100% credit on all the fuel and PM expenses incurred.***