DFW Connector

Northgate Constructors, a Joint Venture of Kiewit Texas and Zachry Construction, selected SB Fleet-Lube as their preferred fuel vendor for their DFW Connector project. The massive $1.05 billion dollar design-build 14.4 mile project is one of the largest TxDOT contracts ever awarded in North Texas. The project is so complex much of the work is done at night to keep traffic disruption on the heavily traveled 114/121 highways to a minimum. With hundreds of pieces of equipment being used 2 to 3 shifts daily deciding on the right vendor to keep them fueled was a critical logistic decision.

Fleet-Lube utilizes a web based tank monitoring system on the four 10,000 gallon tanks to accurately forecast and proactively dispatch our refueling trucks. Since having Fleet-Lube take ownership of monitoring and maintaining fuel inventory levels the project has never experienced any delays waiting on fuel deliveries nor a minutes downtime due to out of stock fuel situations . We supply this project 8,000 gallons of fuel each day and estimate over the course of the 4 year project to provide Northgate with over 4,500,000 gallons of diesel fuel. That’s a lot of fuel!


The DFW Connector project also has a 12.2% DBE utilization component to the project. In selecting SB Fleet-Lube as their fueling partner Northgate Constructors will benefit from over $10,000,000 in qualifying DBE credits.